Advantage Uttar Pradesh

Location Advantage

  • Access to 200 million plus (16.5% of India’s population) residents
  • Access to National Capital Region on the west
  • Strategic access to market & resource depth of eastern India


  • Located on Golden Quadrilateral with excellent road network
  • Largest railway network in the country spanning over 8,949 km
  • Major national & international airports connecting the rest of India, Middle East & South East Asian countries

Industrial Corridors

  • 15% of DMIC catchment area and 57% of AKIC in Uttar Pradesh
  • Intersection of WDFC and EDFC at Greater Noida
  • Multi-modal logistic hubs, industrial parks etc. to benefit from reduced travel time to ports


  • Abundant land parcels at competitive price
  • Balanced availability of water across the state
  • 24×7 reliable electricity to industries and provision for open access

Skilled Manpower

  • 56% of UP’s 200 million population are in the working age group
  • 53 Universities, 4345 Colleges, 168 Polytechnics with several research institutes, Centers of Excellence and other vocational institutes
  • Industry focused skill development program

Proactive Governance

  • Proactive facilitation and attractive policies
  • Simplified procedures and speedy time bound approvals
  • Strong industrial security – ‘zero tolerance’ philosophy

4th largest State occupying 7.3% of India’s land area 3rd largest economy, contributing 8.5% to the India’s GDP Strongest agriculture and food processing base in India