In its endeavour to promote industrialisation and attract investments, Government of Uttar Pradesh organised first of its kind – UP Investors Summit in February 2018. The unprecedented success of UP Investors Summit 2018 led to generation of investment intents worth more than Rs. 4.28 lakh crores across sectors like Renewable Energy (16.8%), Infrastructure (15.4%), Power (14.7%), IT & Electronic Manufacturing (10.2%), Tourism (10.1%) etc.

In order to facilitate these investment intents, the State Government took strong initiatives and reforms. As a result, 81 projects worth more than INR 60,000 Crores were grounded within 5-months of holding the summit. Continuing to implement major sector specific policies and systemic & procedural business reforms, the State Government is now set to ground another 200+ projects worth more than INR 60,000 Crores. With this, the state government will ground nearly 25% of the leads generated a year ago at UP Investors Summit 2018.

Towards this, Second Ground Breaking Ceremony on 28th July 2019 is proposed to formally launch all these projects for necessary activities leading to completion of the proposed projects in Lucknow, and is expected to have participation of 2000 industrialists. It will be a full day event wherein State Government is promoting investment in key potential sectors like Agro & Food Processing, Electric Mobility, Defence & Aerospace Manufacturing, IT & Electronics Manufacturing, Tourism & Film, Renewable Energy, etc. The event will be inaugurated by Hon’ble Home Minister of India, Shri Amit Shah ji.

The objective of the ceremony is to not only bolster the confidence of the investors in the State but also to send a strong positive signal to the business community about the proactive approach of the State Government. Thus, justifying the motto ‘UP – Powering New India’. This culture of felicitating such projects will further incentivize the private sector for fast paced implementation of industrial projects in the State.

During the event, it is proposed that Hon’ble Home Minister will digitally ground break these projects followed by digital effects and then screening of a movie on Ground Breaking. Thereafter, during the event through mutual and inclusive participation at various sessions will open new doors of opportunities which will transform the face of development of UP and eventually contribute in the holistic development of the nation, simultaneously benefitting the business fraternity on a dynamic scale.