UP Investors Summit 2018
21st – 22nd February, 2018: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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  • Schedule of Sessions is subject to revision.
  • There is no registration fee for participating in the Summit.
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  • B2G Meeting request will be screened by the State Government and you will be informed of the confirmation.
  • Guests are requested to attend the session relevant to them.
A. Which of the following describe you / your company the best (please choose)
Manufacturing Company
Service Company
Diversified Group
State / UT Government
Government of India
Venture Capatalist
Financial Institution
Start up
B. Contact Details
C. Annual Turnover of your company / Group (Rs) : If Manufacturing Company, Service Company, Diversified Group
<50 Crore
50 – 100 Crore
100 – 300 Crore
300 – 500 Crore
500 – 1000 Crore
D. Sessions you would like to attend
Day-2 (22-Feb-2018): Parallel Sessions, NRI & Valedictory Sessions (Please choose any one option for each slot)
Hall Hall1 Hall2 Hall3 Hall4 Hall5 Hall8
1000 – 1200 hrs Country Session on Czech Republic IT & ITES in Uttar Pradesh: Serving the World Banking the Unbanked: Moving Towards an Inclusive Uttar Pradesh Leather Session Country Session on Thailand Session on Defence Manufacturing
1200 – 1330 hrs Country Session on Slovakia Session on Uttar Pradesh Diaspora Ease of Doing Business Uttar Pradesh: Gearing for Start-up Revolution: The Next Big Opportunity in UP Civil Aviation in Uttar Pradesh – The Emerging Opportunities Skill Development – Leveraging Demographic Dividend of Uttar Pradesh
1400 – 1600 hrs Country Session on Mauritius NRI Session Media & Entertainment – The Indian Digital Growth Story
1630 – 1830 hrs UPIS Valedictory
E. Are you interested in a B2G Meeting during the Summit
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